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Another Sample

Final Video Test #5

Here is an actual production video from Taliea.

Video Test #4

So here is a sample video – after a lot of futzing around – of Tokyo Disney again.

Check this out.

Video Test #3

Same video – processed through VooPlayer.

So it doesn’t look like a YouTube video, even though it is. Vooplayer also lets you customize and control playback. So this might be a viable alternative. Found this on a YouTube video, where the guy said he posted his content to YouTube on a different account from his main YouTube account and ran his paid content through Vooplayer to his domain and nobody would be the wiser.I did notice some delay on the video startup, I am guessing this is because it needs to start pulling the video from YouTube and then push it through it’s own custom video player.

Video Test #2

Here is a video of my daughter’s second birthday – straight from YouTube…

So obviously YouTube can be watched anywhere, linked from anywhere. No really secure. Let me tweak some options here.

Video Test #1

Here is a sample video from Vimeo. Default values – anyone can see, suppressed some buttons on the player

Well, first impressions: All the features that I want – and that I want to test – are not available on the free account.

  1. Suppression of controls and information
  2. Restriction of the domain and embedding controls
  3. Custom logos
  4. Email capture

So unless I sign up and pay, this product is basically useless. Still it appears to be one of the more affordable plans, for starting out. $7 a month gets me 250 gigabytes of bandwidth and 5 gb of storage. So if she uploads a 650 megabyte file, it can be streamed 384 times before hitting that cap. Something to think about

Fiat Lux

For seven years I dwelt
In the loose palace of exile
Playing strange games
With the girls of the island
Now I have come again
To the land of the fair, & the strong, & the wise
Brothers & sisters of the pale forest
O children of Night
Who among you will run with the hunt?
Now Night arrives with her purple legion
Retire now to your tents & to your dreams
Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth
I want to be ready